4 steps on how to clean a leather couch

In today’s article by Carpet Cleaning Crawley we will turn your attention on a step by step tutorial which will allow you to properly clean and maintain your leather couch.

Step 1:

Leather Couch CleaningLeather tends to accumulate a lot of dust and this is why it is very important that you dust your leather sofa at least once a week. The easiest way to dust your couch is to vacuum it with your vacuum cleaner. But the most effective ways is to use a rubber glove which you have slight dampened. Simply pass your hand over the leather and all the dust and dirt will get stuck on the glove. Make sure that you turn extra attention to the spaces between the couch’s back and the cushions as these areas tend to gather large amounts of dust, dirt and debris.

Step 2:

Once you have removed the dust from your couch, inspect it carefully for stains. If you notice any stains, don’t wash the entire couch but only the stained area. Before you try removing the stain with a commercial stain remover, try removing the stain with a slightly damp cloth. Treat the stain with circular motions that commence at the outer edge of the stain and move towards the center of the stain. This way you won’t spread the stain further on your couch. If the damp cloth doesn’t do the job, head to your local supermarket or cleaning company and buy a commercial stain remover. Before you use the remover test it on an inconspicuous part of your couch. If the commercial remover passes the test, apply it on the stain by following the instructions that are written on the bottle.

Step 3:

Now that you have removed the stain, wipe the stain remover residue from your sofa with a clean microfiber cloth. It is preferable that you use a microfiber cloth because of the fact that microfiber cloths have excellent absorbent qualities. Also don’t apply too much pressure when you are wiping your couch clean as pressing too hard will leave permanent marks on the leather.

Step 4:

Next check your sofa for signs of mildew and mold. If you notice such signs, don’t waste time treating the problematic areas. Instead call professional cleaners to handle this problem for you. By calling a cleaning firm you will ensure the removal of the mold and mildew and more importantly you will guarantee the well being of your leather couch.

Step 5: Finish the cleaning by drying your leather sofa meticulously.